Tsuboichis matcha is 100% pure Uji-matcha powder with rich Umami flavor and bright green color, using fine Tencha tea leaves. All the leaves are carefully selected and blended by Tsuboichi's skillful tea appraisers to keep high quality.
Tsuboichis hojicha powder has such a strong and refreshing roasting aroma. All the leaves are carefully selected and roasted by Tsuboichi's tea appraisers and skillful roasters so that these hojicha powder fits milk so well.

Tsuboichi is an authentic tea supplier and manufacturer established in 1850, the Edo period, in the city of Sakai. Sakai is such an important place of Japanese tea history because it's where many famous tea masters acted energetically, including the most prestigious master, Sen-no-Rikyu who completed Japanese tea ceremony. Sakai can be said as the birth place of Japanese tea-enjoying culture. Tsuboichi is the only tea manufacturer which has remained in Sakai.

Tsuboichi has 3 strengths.

First, we cover really many kinds of tea, not only Japanese tea, matcha, roasted green tea but black tea, Chinese & Taiwanese tea, some herbal tea, and so on. For Japanese green teas, we can supply from many different places all over Japan.

Second, we have our own factory to manufacture many kinds of products like loose tea, tea bags, powder, and so on. The factory has some international licenses like ISO9001 and HACCP with a lot of safety control. We can take orders for OEM from a small lot to a big lot. Especially we are good at powdering and tea-bag packing and deal with a big quantity. For tea bags, we can manufacture some different shapes of tea bag. Third, our quality control is awesome because Tsuboichi has excellent tea appraisers. They not only select teas but blend so we can keep the control very high. We check the quality of every lot of the products and take much care of the customers claims.

Tsuboichi Tea Manufacturing Second Factory

In February 2023, Tsuboichi obtained the international food safety management system standardFSSC22000. FSSC22000 is the highest rank of the world's food safety standards, including many standards such as ISO.

Tsuboichi will continue to provide customers with peace, Japaneseness, health, and excitement through the safe and secure production of tea, and will strive to be a sustainable company.

Also, we own the original cafeteria shops in Osaka where we provide delicious tea brewed in Japanese traditional tea pots and home-made delicious sweets using tea. We can share a lot of knowledge of tea sweets and how to run a cafeteria. Our factory is certified for FDA of the United States. We have many experiences to export the products overseas like USA, UK, some EU countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Australia, and New Zealand.

Saryo Tsuboichi Seicha Honpo Sakai is a Japanese tea café located in a renovated 300-year-old townhouse in Sakai, Osaka. It has been loved by many customers for high quality Japanese tea and sweets crafted by Tsuboichi.

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